Saturday, December 10, 2005

A Few Words with the Ca'non Master

(click image for interview notes)
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An email interview with Voragh, aka Steven Boozer, the Ca'Non Master of the Klingons.

[Ack - I misspoke. Call it a think-o. My sound problem is a 60 CYCLE hum, not 60 mhz. - d'oh]

Klingon Sources
The Klingon Institute
KLI mailing list
Klingon Word of the Day mailing list

qIb HeHDaq On The Edge of The Galaxy

Vulcan Sources
alt.startrek.surak alt.startrek.vulcan
Marketa Zvelebil's website

MrKlingon's online Dictionary

Romulan Sources
MrKlingon's online Dictionary

clip from Klingons Do Not Faint

from the
Louis Gentile Experience

I Wonder from Natalie Brown -


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