Monday, December 05, 2005

Celestial Season's Greetings?

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How do you say "Merry Christmas" to an alien?

QISmaS petIv!

The first word QISmaS is an attempt to transliterate "Christmas" into a Klingon spelling. After all, we don't translate "Christmas" into English - it's a word composed of Greek and Latin parts. It seems reasonable for Klingons to adopt this term to denote the celebration. The second word, petIv, is an imperative "all-of-you-enjoy-it!" You may decide to soften this with "botIvjaj" "may-you-enjoy-it" - or if you celebrate Christmas too, you could say QISmaS wItIvjaj "may we enjoy Christmas!"

toDwI'ma' qoS yItIv!

This is a phrase to indicate you, too, celebrate Jesus's birth. Literally "our-saviour's-birthday you-enjoy-it." Note here I said "yItIv," which is the singular "you" command "enjoy". You could also, as I noted earlier, say petIv or botIvjaj.

Stretching things a bit- some terms from the
You can guess at the pronounciation - I've no guess for most of these - and take on Christmas to form your own greeting:

Good. [Ewok]
 well, good, correct, satisfactory. [Romulan]

good [Ferengi]

adj. Happy. [Ewok]

be happy[Klingon]

happiness/happy [F]
 Happy [Mandalorian / Mando'a]


A lovely song as we approach Christmas - music is truly a universal language!

"Stille Nacht" / "Silent Night" / tam ram

[This audio was re-edited to get out some of the noise from the original]


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