Wednesday, October 12, 2005

On the Horizon


A new language - could be a solid competitor to other developed SF languages. The first "official" SF media language for a long time. [aggh - "thinko" alert. Early in the podcast I refer to "Republic Command: Hard Contact" as "Rebel Commando" - NOT quite, but you'll hear the correct name later as I read from Karen Traviss's letter.]

Official LucasArts Mandalorian music and lyrics
(mouse over "navigate," then find "Downloads" and click on MP3s)

Karen Traviss - Home page
Tremendous amount about this very gracious author. You can find links to her personal blog, and her official Star Wars blog. Both contain, if you dig, a good amount of background on her developing the Mando'a language.

Karen provides this, in particular about Hard Contact:

Read an excerpt

Read the reviews

Want to hear the background to Republic Commando: Hard Contact? There's an interview on STAR WARS EN DIRECT radio from Quebec. There 's also an interview with me online at the official Star Wars site and a couple more at the unofficial Clone Wars site.

All about Mandalorians Not entirely canonical, but a good compilation of info

Mandalorian language from Hard Contact at

COMING soon (but not soon enough)

The sequel to Hard Contact - REPUBLIC COMMANDO: TRIPLE ZERO - will be out on February 28 2006. Check out the site.

Looking for new words or phrases?


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