Monday, September 19, 2005

Swiss Wiki on a Stick!


First pass on making a language:

An example of playing around with a language that didn't exist, using a Kwiki Wiki to organize my language development.

Summer 2003 project to construct rudimentary Bajoran language.

Frequency of each vowel:
' 6
a 97
e 44
i 19
o 30
u 10
y 7

Consonant frequencies.

b 11
c 5
d 12
f 1
g 3
h 17
j 6
k 25
l 26
m 17
n 34
p 16
r 43
s 24
t 26
v 9
w 2

Using Wiki's - TiddlyWiki is a way to right down and organize your life. Or try "Kwiki" at

Doctor Floyd promo - finally!

Making my Swiss!

(what the heck is a Swiss? Read Karen Traviss!! )

Karen Traviss is shocked, shocked, shocked by the 17 March announcement of Swiss Army knives with USB memory-stick `blades', as predicted in her sf novel City of Pearl. Just like Arthur C.Clarke with geosynchronous satellites, she failed to secure the patent. I wonder whether any sf satirist foretold the other amazing innovation revealed in the same news item: Swiss Army knives for air travellers, with no blades.

Now... you *could* buy one (

But, that's no fun - how do you make one?:

First you need a knife:

(I'm using a tiny one - my daughter had a spare and gave it to me; I actually have two or three other big ones; I ALWAYS want one with a scissors!)

NEXT you need memory - I got one of these at


512MB Super Talent USB 2.0 Portable Flash Memory Drive

Go get one of these (I'm assuming you use Firefox - if not, forget it, stick with The World in One FILE )

TiddlyWiki is a single, self-contained html file, like a web page. It is like a blog, but each entry is like a little index card, called a tiddler. Before I really lose you, this is what it looks like. Each entry in the center of the screen is a tiddler. Go play around with it, close and open some tiddlers. Your changes wont affect the website once you reload or leave it.
Load it up with all the tools you want or need:

SSH, Firefox, Bible references, netcat, the works:

And still there's plenty of room for more!

Finished project - Homebrew "Swiss":


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