Saturday, October 22, 2005

Father of All

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There is no end of fantastic, constructed languages, and wonderful stories written around them. But no constructed language fan - particularly no computer-literate conlanger - can afford to be ignorant about the wonderful tools and information available with computers about Tolkien and his languages.

The picture above is the box for the audio-cassette version of the excellent BBC adaption of the Lord of the Rings. Hearing the voices, hearing elven words and names through this is a wonderful way to experience the reality Tolkien created in his work. Since I walk a mile every day to the bus, spending a week listening to this while walking and going to work really feels like I've walked from the Shire and on to Mordor. A wonderful adaption, and far more faithful to the books than the (excellent!) Jackson films. This makes a nice complement - listening with the mental pictures from the movies

For years people all over the world admire the great work of professor Tolkien's fantasy world. His genius talent gave us all not only a nice novell, but a whole universe with history, legends, wars, poetry and much more. Languages spoken by peoples of Middle Earth have also their written form. Quenya, Sindarin and other languages used Tengwar. There are many pages about the alphabet itself on the web. Of course sooner or later someone came with the idea of transcription software. YaTT: Yet Another Tengwar Tool

Dragon Flame

Dragon Flame is a freeware application for Microsoft Windows (98, Me, XP, NT4, 2000), now also available on Linux. it includes the Sindarin dictionary, additional lexicons and a complete Sindarin corpus. This website includes an online lookup tool.


the Ardalambion is a great collection of information and links about the Tolkien languages.

The Encyclopedia of Arda
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Thanks to everyone who took the time to complete our Two-minute Survey! You made it very obvious that you wanted to see an offline Interactive Edition of the Encyclopedia, so we've put one together. Not only does it contain all the information held on this online version, but it also has more than a few extra features as well. Find out more...

Movie-goer’s Guide
If you've enjoyed the movie version of The Return of the King, we've prepared a page to help you make the transition from the movie to the book. Here, you'll find all the major differences between the book and the film, some tidbits of movie trivia and background, and links for all the major characters and places in the movie. Find out more...

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The Elvish Linguistic Fellowship

LOTR Radio - the one podcast to rule them all.

Grey Elven - derivative (not directly from Tolkien)


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