Saturday, February 24, 2007

Back to the Cantina!

Back to the Cantina!

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UTA - the classic VB3 program
Classic UTA for Windows updated to include the Galactic Phrasebook!

miitkad - a minimalist Windows text editor with alien language font support

Cantina: The next generation UTA program:


Frank Herbert's novel Dune, and his Dune series in general, incorporates a number of different themes related to language or linguistics, both in the techniques Herbert used in the actual writing itself, and more obviously, in the plot and characters. This is consistent with a broader theme of these novels, specifically, the nearly limitless power inherent in the human mind and body, and the power of training and discipline to enhance both physical and mental performance.

Accordingly, heightened language skill and linguistic power are among the traits explored by Herbert in his works.


Look at your library for Net Library! A great way to get free linguistic education!

Net Library:


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