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A BIBLE for Boba?

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The Mando'a Language Version of the World English Bible
First Mando'a Baptist Church?

One church at a time....

Why A Mando'a Bible?

The Mando'a language is (c) Lucasfilm 2006.

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Once anyone hears of a project to make something like a Mando'a Bible, the question that comes up is "why?" Certainly there is no need for such a version, as there is a need for a Bible in English, Spanish, German, or any other "real" language. There is no person who would only be able to access the scriptures in Mando'a.

But in the study of artificial languages, translating standard works of literature like the Bible is often done, and for two reasons. First, it is a way to exercise and develop the language, and second, it helps to develop a body of literature in that language. This literature can then be used and referred to by people learning and using the language.

For some, there can be other benefits. Though this kind of translation might seem frivolous, the work of producing such a translation can have devotional value even if the translation is never used. The effort of reading the scriptures and considering their meaning for a translation cannot fail to benefit the translator by helping him or her develop a deeper understanding of the text.

For example, the Klingon language community has produced at least three efforts in this direction. The Klingon Language Institute ( organized a long-term project to translate the Bible. Currently on hiatus, this project has yielded only a few books, for example, the Gospel of Mark. In addition, the Rev. Glen Prochel published a book, Good News for the Warrior Race, which presents the gospels and other selected scriptures in parallel with a "Star Trek" English paraphrase. Finally, I've created a simple Klingon Language Version, The software used to create the KLV was adapted to create this Mando'a text.

The project presented here, the Mando'a Language Version, is actually a relexification of the World English Bible (WEB) and serves as a demonstration of what a complete Mando'a Bible would look like. When developed by Karen Traviss, the Mando'a language had a large vocabulary of common words that could be mapped to English. These were used to transform the WEB into Mando'a. Though it may not be a grammatical Mando'a text (actually it is more of a pidgin-Mando'a, mixing English vocabulary and grammar with Mando'a) it does provide vocabulary which can be used in doing a proper Mando'a translation.

By the way, the designation of this project, the MND, may appear to be a mere contraction of "Mando'a" - but I prefer to think it stands for Mando'a Naak Dajun, Mandalorian Peace Plan.

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Note: I've placed a shuk'orok, a Mandalorian Crushgaunt, on the cover because it seems an appropriately brutal analog to the cross. According to the Completely Unofficial Star Wars Encyclopedia:

a specialized, armored glove created in the Mandalore System, the Crushgaunt was first developed by the Mandalorian Mercs. Each crushgaunt enhanced the wearer's ability to crush objects, such as hands or other body parts, allowing them to do considerable damage with minimal effort. The use of crushgaunts was outlawed by the Mandalorian government many centuries before the Galactic Civil War, but their use was later revived by the Mandalorian Death Watch. It was also rumored that one of Darth Vader's gloves was a crushgaunt, and that the being who recovered it after the Battle of Endor would become the next ruler of the Empire. It was later learned that this was a ruse that was perpetrated by the so-called Church of the Dark Side.

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MND: Mando'a Language Version of the World English Bible

The MND Bible is a free to distribute version of the WEB using a Mando'a relexification vocabulary.

The Mando'a language is (c) Lucasfilm 2006.

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The Mando'a Language Version, and the Universal Translator Assistant Project are in no way affiliated with Lucasfilms. Mando'a, and Star Wars in all its various forms, is a trademark of Lucasfilms. Mando'a-language resources presented here are for the edification and enjoyment of hobbyists, not for profit.


Blogger bob said...

hi my name is bob im a long time fan of star wars and have recentLy come to know the lord. When a good friend told me about a bible writen in mandalorian i was so excited. I am hoping what you do in this ministries will effect the masses and i would try to help u in any way i can. please notify me as soon as you can and we can take it from there. bye bob beutel p.s. please send me a copy of the word when you can

12:28 AM  
Blogger Joel said...

Hey Bob - thanks for your interest.

There really isn't much more to my Mando'a project - everything I've done with it is here on this page or here

This isn't going to be printed (unless someone does it on their own). The best thing I can recommend is to get the Sword Project - - then you can load the Mando'a Bible in you computer. BETTER yet, you can add tons of free tools to help you study the Bible.

As much fun as it is for me to develop the Mando'a or Klingon Bibles - the real treasure is when you read it in your own language and put it in your heart!


7:45 AM  

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