Saturday, April 01, 2006

Being the Alien

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Statue of Hiawatha carrying Minnehaha at Minnehaha Park in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Native Languages of the Americas:
Preserving and promoting American Indian languages

The Song of Hiawatha

Native American Words in Longfellow's Hiawatha

Though Hiawatha is an Iroquois hero, Longfellow's poem is set in Minnesota, and most of the Native American words he uses in it come from the Minnesota Indian languages Ojibwe (Chippewa) and Dakota Sioux. The story Longfellow relates, too, is primarily based not on the Iroquois legend of Hiawatha but rather on the Chippewa legend of Nanabozho, a rabbit spirit who was the son of the west wind and raised by his grandmother.





Columbia Orchestra.

Issue Number/Label:

32092: Columbia Phonograph Co.

Year of Release:

[1903 or 1904]


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