Monday, February 13, 2006


So... you want to know about Mando'a?

(click for podcast)

You *are* in luck!

First, because Karen Traviss's latest book Triple Zero - AND the latest Star Wars Insider will have more details and information about Mandalorians and their language, Mando'a.

AND Karen informs us the material about Mando'a will be online in the official Star Wars subscription Hyperspace Community (she also hopes to put it online at her website's Mando'a section where you'll find Karen's own recordings of spoken Mando'a. [Note: the materials at will be going online February 14th.]

And, best of all, we've got Karen right here giving an interview all about Mando'a! Thank you very much, Karen! [NOW, everyone go out and pre-order your copy of Triple Zero! For that matter, if you haven't... go out and buy her Wess'har books and Hard Contact, as well!]

Click on the pictures to find out how to order these!

Background music is the medley of Republic Commando game music, produced by Amy at - another great source of info about the clones!

Oh, and you might have heard Karen use an unfamiliar word "retcon," and wondered what is "RETCON?"

Retroactive continuity – commonly contracted to the portmanteau retcon – is the adding of new information to "historical" material, or deliberately changing previously established facts in a work of serial fiction. The change itself is referred to as a "retcon", and the act of writing and publishing a retcon is called "retconning".

Retcons are common in comic books, especially those of large publishing houses such as Marvel Comics and DC Comics, due to the lengthy history of many series and the number of independent authors contributing to their development; this is the context in which the term was coined. Retconning also occurs in TV shows, movies sequels, video games, radio series, series of novels, and can be done in any other type of episodic fiction. It is also used in roleplaying, when the game master feels it is needed to maintain consistency in the story or to fix significant mistakes that were missed during play.


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