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From The Completely Unofficial Star Wars Encyclopedia


this was the ancient language of the Killik
race, which was once native to the planet


a race of insectile beings once native to the
planet Alderaan, the Killiks lived in the
towering cities they built on the plains. The
Killiks were human-sized members of the
Colony, possessing a hive mind but no
apparent technology. They built their
castle-like buildings out of the natural
elements found on Alderaan, and formed them -
mound upon mound - to create a complex series
of living, eating, and egg-laying
grottoes. They apparently decorated their
rooms with brilliant, complex mosaics of
stones and pebbles which appeared to be
little more than splashes of color, until one
stepped back and admired the entire wall from
a distance. The entire settlement on Alderaan
was known as Oroboro, which literally meant
"Our Home." However, for some unknown reason,
the Killiks left their settlement long before
humans ever settled the planet. Although it
was believed that they had simply gone
extinct, UnuThul later explained that the
Killiks had been "emptied" from Oroboro by
the Celestials some 20,000 years before the
Galactic Civil War. The Killiks left behind
their incredibly beautiful cities, which the
human inhabitants of Alderaan left untouched
for centuries. Exploration of the Killik
ruins revealed that the Killik were
four-armed insectoids with wicked,
three-clawed hands. They also had two
powerful legs that indicated the Killik could
jump long distances. After the discovery of
the Colony's existence in the Unknown
Regions, it was learned that the Killiks were
just one hive of and entire race of insectile
beings known as the Kind. The other hives of
the Colony considered the Killiks to be part
of the fabled Lost Nest.

Killik Region

this was the term used to describe those
areas of the planet Alderaan that were once
home to the Killik race. The inhabitants of
the Killik Region were simple people who
lived their lives in a way that did little or
no harm to the region, preserving the legacy
of the Killiks.

Killik Twilight

this moss-painting, created by the renowned
artist Ob Khaddar, depicted a group of
Killiks with their backs turned to the
viewer, watching an evening storm as it
approached their settlement. It was
considered one of the most valuable pieces of
art which were kept by the Royal Family, and
served as a reminder of the planet's ancient
inhabitants. Many beings described the
moss-painting with awe and reverence, even
though they had never been to Alderaan nor
seen the Killiks. During the early years of
the Alliance, Leia Organa suggested that the
codes for the Shadowcast network be hidden
within the moss-painting, to ensure their
secrecy. Killik Twilight was one of the many
artworks which were off-planet when Alderaan
was destroyed. However, the ship it was
traveling on was believed to be lost, and any
hopes of recovering the moss-painting were
dashed. Then, some four years after the
Battle of Endor, the painting reappeared on
Tatooine, where it was to be auctioned
off. Leia Organa Solo realized that the
moss-painting had to return to the New
Republic, since a wealth of information about
the Shadowcast program were coded into
it. Several attempts were made to recover the
moss-painting before it could fall into
Imperial hands, drawing Leia into a search
that revealed much of her past. Leia's
husband, Han Solo, believed that he witnessed
Threkin Horm as the site of the auction, when
the "owner" of the piece requested account
verification from all bidders. The
moss-painting was stolen from Mawbo's
Performance Hall by Kitster Banai, and was
eventually captured by a group fo
Sandpeople. The moss-painting was eventually
recovered by the Solos, who destroyed the
Shadowcast codes before turning it over to
their Squib companions, Grees, Sligh, and
Emala, in return for their help in recovering
it. The Squibs then sold it to the Empire for
a steep profit, pretending not to know that
it was no longer valuable as a piece of
Alliance technology. The painting ended up in
the personal collection of Imperial Grand
Admiral Thrawn, and many of the Imperials who
knew of its existence believed it had been
lost when Thrawn was killed. However, the
painting was recovered by Gilad Pellaeon, who
held onto it for many years until the Yuuzhan
Vong invasion of the galaxy was brought to an
end. Then, before returning to the Imperial
Remnant, Pellaeon returned the painting to
Leia Organa Solo.
Building a Killik Language:

Here's a few steps toward building a Killik Language:

1) I started with the Bible in Basic English version of the Genesis 11 account of the tower of Babel.
2) I reduced the vocabulary to as few words as needed to get the gist of the story.
3) I build a list of all the unique words.
4) I built a "rule" for Killik word construction - all words constructed of b,u, and r. and generated enough unique words to give me - using UTA Lite -
5) handed this off to my UTA program and created a "translation". Here's part of the lexicon:


6. I used SAYPAD.EXE to create a "read" version of this text


1 all earth one language one tongue.
2 in wandering from the east, they came to flat country in Shinar,
there their living-place.
3 they said let us make bricks. they had bricks for stone, putting
them together with sticky earth.
4 they said, let us make a town, and a tower whose top as high as
heaven; let us make a great name for ourselves, so that we may not be
wanderers over earth.
5 the Lord came down to see the town and the tower which the
children of men were building.
6 the Lord said, they are all one people and have all one
language; and this is only the start of what they may do: and now it
will not be possible to keep them from any purpose of theirs.
7 let us go down and take away the sense of their language, so
they will not be able to make themselves clear to one another.
8 the Lord God sent them away into every part of the earth: and
they gave up building their town.
9 So it was named Babel, because there the Lord took away the sense of
all languages and from there the Lord sent them away over all the face
of the earth.
burb buuubr ruubbu rubbu ruubbu urb
rbb uuub buuurru ruuurr buuubru ruuuurb buur ubru buuurbu buurr rbb bubb
ruuuubru ruuurru rubu
ruuuurb ruuru rubru uurbu rur buubru ruuuurb buuuubu buubru buuurr ruuur ruurru
ruuuubbu ur uuuurru ruuubru buuubr
ruuuurb ruuru rubru uurbu rur bubr uubr burbu bubr uubbu uuurr uubb buu rb buu
buuuurr rubru uurbu rur bubr buuuubr rurr buuurr ruubru ruuubbu ruuurbu uuubr rurb ruru buubbu
uurr ruubu buuubr
ruuurr brru buur buuu ubru ruuu ruuurr uubr burbu ruuurr uubbu uuurbu ruuurr
buurb ruubb rurbu uuubu buubu
ruuurr brru ruuru ruuuurb buru burb ruubbu ruurb burbu buuuurb burb ruubbu
rubbu burbu ruuuurru rrr ruubr ruuurr ruuubr ruubb uuurb ruuuurb rurb buurru burbu ruub rrru
uuurru ruru buubbu ruurbu ubru rub ruuuubbu buuurru burru ruurr ruubb ruuuru
rubru uurbu buuuubbu buuu burbu ruuurb buubb ruuurr ruuub ruubb ruuurru rubbu ruuubbu
ruuuurb uuurru ruru buubbu bubru ubru rur ruuuubr buurbu ubru ruubbu burr
ruuurr brru brr ruuubb ruuuubbu buubb rr buuur ruur ruubb ruuurr buuubr burbu
ruuuurb buuuubb uurb buubu ruuurru uubr
bubbu rrru uuubbu rurru bbr buubr ruuuubru ruuurr brru urr buubb ruuurr ruuub ruubb
burb rubr burbu buuurru ruuuubru ruuurr brru ruuubb ruuuubbu buubb ruubu burb ruuurr buuurb
ruubb ruuurr buuubr

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