Tuesday, June 17, 2014

nuqneH! Remember me??

I'm still here, still practicing my curious form of xenolinguistics.  The time has been found to blog (or podcast) but here's a stab at a bit of blogging.

I can see that the increased scrutiny on Java means that, for many, my Java applets may not easily function.  I'd be interested in hearing if many use them and if that's a problem.  The form based tools, and the VB downloads should still work fine.  [Note: I'm in favor of the increased security - if my programs are a casualty, it's probably a good trade-off (not that there is anything insecure in my Java that I know of....)]

I'm playing with some fonts - I may add some Trek fonts to my miitkad program (or make a Trek version).  I'd also like to make a simple Trek phrasebook program like the Star Wars one - that will definitely have Klinzhai and Vulcan. Here's Klinzhai font in miitkad