Sunday, November 26, 2006

Taking Leave!

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Guest: Karen Traviss

Here's some information from Karen's website at

MANDO'A LANGUAGE RESOURCE - the Mando'a to English and English to Mando'a dictionaries plus the grammar guide are here . Updated November '06. Next update: March '07. Oya!

Site updated November 3 2006

NEW - REPUBLIC COMMANDO - HARD CONTACT will be available in Polish translation from Amber Books in December.

Russian editions of CITY OF PEARL and CROSSING THE LINE coming next year. More details later.


MATRIARCH, book four of the wess'har wars, from HarperCollins. (Yes, this is a six-book series - it didn't end in book three! Plenty more to come yet...)

BLOODLINES - New York Times bestseller! Also available in a hardcover special edition from the Science Fiction Book Club.

A PRACTICAL MAN - a Boba Fett e-novella available from Random House, Diesel e-books and Mobipocket. You can also get it (and my other e-stuff) from Fictionwise and most other e-book sellers.

Coming in 2007/08

Book 5 of the Wess'har Wars - ALLY April 2007: book 6, JUDGE, Fall/ Winter 2007. LEGACY OF THE FORCE: SACRIFICE - June 2007. REPUBLIC COMMANDO #3 - August 2007. LEGACY OF THE FORCE #8 -March 2008. REPUBLIC COMMANDO #4 -August 2008.

Heading back to Mars!

Thanks to NASA and the Planetary Society, we'll soon be heading back to Mars on the Phoenix Mission, see? You can come, too!

From Star Wars Revelations Soundtrack.